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A key requirement under PCI is to complete an annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) attesting to your compliance. The SAQ was created by the PCI Council as a tool for merchants to help identify potential security vulnerabilities. The SAQ will ask a series of simple “Yes” or “No” questions based on the PCI Data Security Standards that apply to your business type. We have created a simple system to help you become compliant.  You have a choice of three options to become complainant. You can call us, email us or fax us. Click the GET STARTED button for details. If you do not take action, you will be assessed a monthly fee of $19.95 until your SAQ is completed. As your credit card processing provider and advocate, we prefer not to charge this non-compliance fee and we encourage you to take action today to become complaint. For newly enrolled merchants, you have 90 days from the date your account was approved to complete your SAQ.

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IMPORTANT: Please be aware that completion of the SAQ provides only a point in time review that allows you to confirm you are currently meeting the requirements for PCI DSS. It is your responsibility to develop and maintain an ongoing program of compliance within your business.

Also, in order to maintain your eligibility for our Compliance Reimbursement Program, you must have completed an SAQ, and remedied any issues identified, within the 12 months preceding a cardholder data breach incident.

How Compliance Affects You

Are you protecting customers?

The leading card associations (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) have adopted comprehensive requirements for safeguarding cardholder data and have placed the burden on merchants to understand and follow these requirements to minimize any risk that cardholder data is stolen or misused.

This burden can become costly. In addition to the prospect of being sued by cardholders whose card information may have been stolen, merchants face the risk that card associations may fine them for any real or threatened data security breaches. The fines levied by Visa and MasterCard start at $10,000 for the smallest, unintentional data breach, and can climb to as much as $500,000. In addition, the card associations can require merchants to reimburse member banks for purchases made using stolen cards, for the replacement of stolen cards, and for the cost of expensive forensic audits.

Many data breaches are caused by the carelessness or dishonesty of an employee. Others result from computer savvy thieves hacking into a merchant’s network from the street corner outside or a remote location thousands of miles away.

Simply stated, no merchant is free from the prospect of a data breach – and a single data breach can be devastating to the merchant’s business and goodwill.

To minimize your risk, you are encouraged to begin verifying your compliance today, and we are here to assist you. This web site was created, as part of our Compliance Program, to help identify and support any remediation steps you may need to take, and provide you with educational resources to help answer any questions you might have about FACTA and PCI DSS compliance.

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